Putting Low Level Legendaries To “Good” Use

After writing the last post I thought I would put my couple of legendaries to good use, so I started another Demon Hunter. Got this one to level 8, and have equipped the legendaries. I don’t really know if I would consider it good use or not, but here we go.

They are:
Bakkan Caster
Sin Seekers

That was a bit of fun…probably will replace the crossbow at least fairly soon. 🙂 Here is my new level 8 Demon Hunter in all her glory!  Doesn’t the crossbow look pretty cool?

Why didn’t I just sell them on the AH?

I didn’t sell them because basically I probably couldn’t have sold them at a price that would be worth it. I see 25+ pages of auctions for each item and the prices range from insanely low (500g) to insanely high (over 1 million gold). It really doesn’t look like they sell at all, as most people are looking for max level weapons.  That and these are probably the “junk” legendaries.  😛