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RPotD: Nephew Started Playing Club Penguin

Hey guys! All work and no play makes for some boring time. Time for a Random Post of the Day!

I’m not sure if any of you play the Disney game, Club Penguin or not. My nephew just started playing it and enjoying it. For those unfamilair with it, it is basically a Disney MMO for kids. There is a lot to it like any MMO and there is also a monthly fee.

One thing he really likes doing is playing through the agent missions. There are like 11 of them or so. Anyway, I found a site that includes many of the Club Penguin walkthrough missions if anyone needs them or not. It’s a very kid-centric website but easy to follow mission guides.

LOL I know, not very Diablo-like at all but what can you do. I keep trying to get him into Diablo but being his age that really doesn’t do it for him. Only time will tell for sure, I’m gonna get him into this great game we like to call Diablo 3.