Shattered Core Legendary Crafting Material Farming Guide

Hey guys, I started farming these to make the Devastator weapon for my new Fire Barb. There’s a couple different ways to farm this legendary crafting mat, so I thought I would put them in a video guide.

There are 2 main ways to farm Shattered Cores, both of them can take some time in order to get the drops.

The first way is using the bounties in Adventure mode. This way can be a pain since it will require flipping games in order to get certain bounties in Act II. Both of these bounties can spawn in the Archives of Zoltun Kulle and they share that bounty spawn point with a few other bounties as well. It took me like 10-12 games in order to get one of them.

The bounties you want are:

  • Kill Thrum
  • Kill Rockgut

Once you get those bounties just run in to and kill either Thrum or Rockgut (depending on which bounty you got). They both can drop the Shattered Core. You also will want to do this on the highest Torment level that you can since the higher level you go, the better the drop rate.

The second way is through the Campaign mode. Head to Act II, quest 6 Betrayer of the Horadrim and start at the Forgotten Ruins part of the quest. Once in the game you will have to run through the Oasis and find the Forgotten Ruins (which can take some time since the Oasis is pretty big).

Once in the Forgotten Ruins run to the end, click on ZK’s head and then the Ancient Guardian that spawns has a chance to drop the Shattered Core. The bad part about this is once you get the head the quest is saved, so you will have to go back and restart the quest each time and find the Ruins all over again.

Each method has it’s advantages and disadvantages. I thought the bounty way was a bit faster, but I suck at finding the Forgotten Ruins quickly. Either way do whichever method you like the best and I hope you get some nice rolls on that Devastator! 🙂

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