Top 5 Demon Hunter Builds To Try Out Post Patch 1.0.3

What build can I use for my Demon Hunter now? I get this question a lot since the Nether Tentacle nerf in patch 1.0.3. A lot of players kinda brushed their DH off to the side and opted to level the new flavor of the month (Barbarians), but I have stuck with my Demon Hunter and have found some nice builds to make it pretty good and fun again.

Here is a list of the top 5 Demon Hunter builds I have found on the internet. These builds give a nice variety in skills used and give you a different perspective on the Demon Hunter.

Disclaimer: I didn’t create these builds, just did a lot of research to find them. Try them out and see how you like them.

Build #1: Athene Style Crit Build

This is the new hyped up build that Athene has been using since the nerf to NT. I have tried it out but I had to switch up some stuff in order to really like it. With that said, it still is pretty good and totally different than the normal style of play for Demon Hunters. This build relies heavily on Critical Hit Damage and Critical Hit Chance (aim for 50% chance to Crit) as well as high amount of Discipline with high Discipline regen rate (Natalya’s Set bonus of 2 Discipline per second).

Here’s a video that Athene put together talking about this build and giving some extra tips for it:

Build #2: My Current Build

This is basically a refined version of Athene’s build above. This one seems less gear dependent and still uses Sharpshooter to help get the Crit Chance high. My current Crit Chance is only 26.5% so the extra bit from Sharpshooter helps. I also use Elemental Arrow with Ball Lightning rune instead of Cluster Bombs because I don’t really like having to aim it to have it hit. I’m sure if I played with it a bit I would get better, but I really enjoy the non-aiming of Ball Lightning even if it does less damage.

Build #3: Slow/Kiting Build

This build can be useful for kiting and slowing monsters, maybe even useful in Hardcore to keep from getting killed. The damage is lower, but with Frost Arrow you will always have the mobs slowed. Rain of Vengeance with Stampede can help if they happen to get close to you by knocking them back. Caltrops with the Tortuous Ground rune can help give you distance as well as Tactical Advantage. This build has a lot of “outs” in case mobs get close to you.

Build #4: Spike Trap/Fan of Knives Build

This build seems pretty interesting. I haven’t tried it out just yet, but am listing it here to show you that you can do off the wall things with the Demon Hunter builds. 🙂 I found this on the DiabloFans forum and the poster has more info about it which I quoted below.

The build requires more precise play so is not for everyone, but allows you to use smoke screen as an aggressive ability alongside Fan of Knives to pull of some impressive nukes. In fact I can outright destroy all non-shielding champion packs in infinitely faster than I could with the IAS+Nether Tentacle pre-nerf build.

Grenadier as a passive is a great alternative for archery or sharpshooter depending on your gear. Additionally you can swap the Cluster Rune to something else like Loaded for Bear.

With sufficient vit+resist all you can drop SS for Shadow Power (Gloom) for a more efficient use of discipline.

How do I survive without caltrops or some form of slow? Use the scoundrel with Multishot and a cold weapon. It’s more or less a permanent aoe slow. You also have enough burst to destroy reflecting mobs while SS is up (just make sure you read affixes before you fire off some huge damage and kill yourself)

There is huge burst potential with spike traps and you can set them up prior to pulling a pack. Afterwards simply Cluster->Evasive->Cluster->Smoke Screen/Run in for a FoK. If mobs aren’t dead simply evasive fire out and they will die shortly after.

Here’s a video showing the build in use. Warning…not in English. 🙂

Build #5: Red Rocket, Red Rocket Build (or Stafe’n Alive Build)

This build is another totally different build you can try out. It focuses on doing damage when moving (and we know moving is key in Inferno) and the other focus is on the rocket damage from the Ballistics passive. This was another build I read about on the DiabloFans forum and here is some more info about it.

Its a bit tricky, but its actually quite effective. The grenades are good on a medium distance, but even if you miss a lot, the purpose of the grenades is to bump your hatred up fast. If you can stand still, rapid fire is amazing damage. If you need to move, keep strafing and putting down traps (can place traps when channeling strafe) Cluster arrow I use on champs/big monsters when I cant channel strafe.

The best build? Not by a long shot, but its so much fun, which this game is all about.

That rounds out the top 5 Demon Hunter builds to try out post patch 1.0.3. I tried to get some of the most different types of builds I could find as well as ones that do tons of damage. Try them out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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You should try a tank build. I couldnt get past act 3 made a tank and beat the game the next day

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