Whirlwind Avalanche Barbarian Build

Here’s the WW/Avalanche build I’ve been using on my Barbarian for a few days now. I like it as it can kill elite packs on Torment 1 pretty quickly and can also be useful on single targets (bosses) without getting Fury starved. That was the problem I kept running into with my last WW build. Anyway, try it out and let me know what you think.

Build Breakdown

Build Link:!ihSj!cYZaZa

Build Notes

  • War Cry with Charge rune is mainly there as a Fury generator. The 50 Fury you can gain from it is pretty nice.
  • I went back to Rend with Bloodbath as I don’t really need the extra healing from Blood Lust rune anymore.
  • Earthen Might is another nice way to get more Fury.
  • If you want more speed, you could take out Battle Rage or even War Cry and go with Sprint. That is really nice for low difficulty bounty farming.
  • Paragon Points placement: Under Core, Movement Speed as needed to hit max (25%), then Maximum Fury. Under Offense, Critical Hit Chance, then Critical Hit Damage. Under Defense, All Resist, then Life Regeneration. Under Utility, Life on Hit, then Area Damage.

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